2019 Spiritual Focus

Hello church family! Welcome to 2019!
With a new year comes exciting new opportunities to grow spiritually
at The Summit Church. Your leadership team (Jim Pressley, Sara Melton,
Sheila Gibson, and Tracie Jernigan) is super excited to 
share that for 2019, we will be going through a book by Brian McLaren
called “We Make The Road By Walking.” Our worship will contain sermons
based on the scripture for the week, and we are encouraging each 
family to purchase this book to use for at-home study and meditation.
We will also be encouraging small groups to use the book for a portion
or all of the year, and we will be starting new small groups focused on
discussion of each chapter. Your leadership team thinks all this will
help our church focus on growing spiritually together and individually.
Here’s where to buy the book:
AMAZON: a new paperback is under $12 right now! You can also 
buy it used. Or you can buy the audio book.
Here’s how to use the book:
Each Sunday the sermon will be on the chapter for the week. Our
preachers will use the scripture and commentary in their sermon.
You can read that chapter before or after Sunday’s sermon – either works.
There are reflection questions at the end of each chapter that you
can think through individually, use in family devotion times, or discuss
in an existing or new small group.
The book will take us a year to go through and will give us a healthy
sampling of the bigger picture of the Bible. You will read passages you
know well, passages you don’t know well, and you’ll see how God’s
story plays out through the books in our sacred Bible.
THIS SUNDAY, January 6, we kick off this study! Tracie will be giving
an intro to the book and preaching on our first chapter, which will be Chapter
18, Sharing Gifts. 
We hope you’ll start the new year with your church family and a study
that will help us dig deeper into scripture. 

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