Safe Zone Training // 10.24.21 from 12 – 4 p.m.

Bring a lunch and join us after worship on Sunday, October 24, at 231 Dills Cove Rd, as we learn about how to better understand and become allies with our LGBTQ friends. This training will be led by Savvy DeHart, a librarian at SCC serving on the first North Carolina Student Success Center Equity Coach Training Academy, and Amanda Allen, co-chair of SCC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and chair for the Safe Zone ad hoc committee for SCC.

Safe Zone is a program (and community) providing resources, trainings, and a network of allies committed to enhancing understanding of gender and sexuality. The training includes two parts: an informational section heavily based on gender/sexuality vocabulary, followed by a soft skills section providing training to become a (more) safe, empathetic and trustworthy LGBTQ+ ally. The program is a non-partisan, non-political session offering insight into the queer community and better preparing people to provide a safe, supportive environment regardless of sexual/gender identity or expression.You will enjoy this training if you are wanting to educate yourself about terminology, trends, issues in the queer community and if you want to become an LGBTQ+ ally who provides a safe space for people of any sexual/gender identity or expression. Those who complete the training will be provided a Safe Zone symbol to display wherever they choose, which signifies that they are a safe resource for help, advice, and conversation and that they will not tolerate trans/homophobic comments or actions. This is not an opportunity to discuss the validity of marriage equality or the controversy surrounding queer issues, within the church or otherwise. It is an exercise in education and empathy.

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