We have begun our 2022 pathway to flourish as children of God, and we want to ask you four questions.

As we look to enhance our outreach and discipleship programs, we want to do it in the most effective way possible, to truly flourish. And that means finding out more about ourselves – as individuals and as
a congregation. We have a plan to do that through a process similar to the Dream Team process that developed our Church Profile – we will be conducting some surveys this year to gather your input. We expect this development process to take the rest of Winter and part of the Spring so that we can be prepared as Summer approaches to apply what we have learned to some bigger projects in our outreach and discipleship programs.

But we don’t want off-the-cuff, knee-jerk type answers to our survey. We would like well thought out answers that truly reflect who you are and who we are. To make that happen, Jim has primed the pump, so to speak, with four deep reflective questions for you to consider over a span of days, not seconds or minutes. These are short, somewhat profound questions. Write each one on several post it notes and stick them everywhere. Your bathroom mirror, the dash of your car, the refrigerator door, beside your bed. Give them serious and prayerful thought.

In following the call to flourish as a child of God…

1) What are you good at?

… what are the gifts you have in abundance?  (spiritual, financial, social, professional, talent, skill)

… what skills/gifts do you have that can be applied to helping those in need?

… what ability do you have that could be used to show others that the Summit is dedicated to sharing God’s love?

… do you have talent(s) that can be put into action as the hands and feet of God?

2) What REALLY matters to you?

In following the call to flourish as a child of God …

… what breaks your heart?

… what does the world / our community / a fellow citizen of the Kingdom of God need help with?

… what moves you to the point of action?

… what cause(s) are you looking to support, if only someone organized an opportunity nearby?  Hunger?  Home repairs for elderly and disabled?  Inclusiveness?  Sharing Jesus’s message?

… on what item(s) of concern are you willing to work toward a resolution?

3) What sustains you?

In following the call to flourish as a child of God…

… what brings you closer to God?

… what helps you live righteously?

… what spiritual acts / spiritual disciplines give you peace? Confidence? Hope?

… how is God’s GRACE revealed to you?

… what does the Summit do that lifts you up?

… how could the Summit lift our community?

4) What troubles you?

In following the call to flourish as a child of God…

… What is wrong? 

… What current circumstance(s) give you heartburn?

… what is of great need in our community?  In your life?

… what causes you anxiety about your church and spiritual experience?

… what spiritual element in your life is missing or in short supply?

… what is not getting done?

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