Outreach // Peanut Butter for UCM

Remember to keep grabbing peanut butter when you grocery shop for United Christian Ministries! You can find out more about the ministries of UCM on their website: http://www.ucmhelp.com/

Did you know that when someone calls The Summit’s phone and asks for food or financial assistance, we refer them to UCM! This organization provides a much needed service to our community and relies on the support of local churches.

More about UCM….

  1. United Christian Ministries of Jackson County, Inc., was founded over 30 years ago by a consortium of local churches. The purpose of United Christian Ministries is to serve Christ by being a voice for and a help to people with urgent physical, economic, social, or spiritual needs so that they might become ‘whole’ persons in body, soul and spirit.
  2. UCM provides a food pantry, personal items, and financial assistance for essential bills to residents of Jackson County.
  3. UCM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and relies on donations of food and funding from the community, churches, businesses, civic organizations, and grants. Your donations are always welcome! 
  4. You can take food donations to their building at 191 Skyland Drive, place in a UCM grocery cart inside Food Lion or Harold’s Market, or order through Amazon. You can also choose United Christian Ministries Sylva as your Amazon Smile recipient!

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