Back to School Bash / / Sunday, August 25

We'll be celebrating the beginning of the school year with a special time of blessing for all students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff during worship. After worship, we'll have a potluck lunch, so bring a school lunch food (salisbury steak, wacky cake, etc.). When BaseCamp kids and youth finish eating, they'll have a fun back... Continue Reading →

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Safe Zone Training / / Saturday, September 14

Safe Zone is a program (and community) providing resources, trainings, and a network of allies committed to enhancing understanding of gender and sexuality. The training includes two parts: an informational section heavily based on gender/sexuality vocabulary, followed by a soft skills section providing training to become a (more) safe, empathetic and trustworthy LGBTQ+ ally. The... Continue Reading →

Belong 101 / / Sunday, September 22

Interested in The Summit? Want to know more about our way of being the church together? Join our leaders for lunch and a informational talk on how we belong to God, believe in the unconditional love of Jesus for all, and strive to become deeper followers of Christ. Lunch and childcare provided. Please RSVP to... Continue Reading →

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